Welcome to my very own personal hell! This site is in a perpetual state of construction, so everything you see is subject to change. I hope you enjoy your stay!


What’s up, I’m Lou, I’m 19, and I never fucking learned how to read. I may have just severely dated myself with a vine reference but listen, I’ve been waiting for years to be able to say that in an introduction and I’m not letting anyone take that from me. In case you were wondering, yes I can read.

I am a black agender artist from somewhere in the USA. Please use they/them for me! I would tell you I’m fine with she/her but 9 times out of 10 that leads to people exclusively referring to me as such which just bugs me. I only use she/her irl for convenience to tell the truth.

My hobbies and interest consist of art and animation, playing video games and never finishing them, collecting Calico Critters/Sylvanian Families and other miscellaneous toys + figurines, and whatever else my ADHD decides I’m fiercely dedicated to that week. I’ve been off my meds for so long that I’ve forgotten what it feels like to be productive.

I first made my neocities site when I was 15 back in 2019, went absolutely feral with it for about a week, and promptly never touched it again until early 2022. It’s now been through its second revamp which you are viewing right now. My desire to create my own site spawned mostly from my dislike of how the internet has become centralized to the point where everyone is on the same 6 or so sites all the time. Despite the lack of a physical space it somehow makes me feel extremely claustrophobic, so I’ve broken off and am trying to make my own home here in my own little secluded corner of the internet. Maybe this will help me flex my creative muscle or something vague like that? I’m hoping so, because scrolling through instagram and twitter for so long has left me feeling like a husk.

Since I am an adult assume that everything here is intended for people 16+. I guess I can’t stop you from visiting my site, however please do not interact with me if you are under 16. For everyone else, I’m not interested in friendships with anyone under 18, but friendly interactions are fine!

Anyway I talk too much. Peace!